How important sleep actually is?

While sleep and dreams always occupied a large portion of humans imagination – for millennia nobody had a good answer to this question… There were some guesses, some studies, but until last year I haven`t seen any good book which would explain sleep phenomenon… Some people even disregarded sleep as an evolutionary error… Sleeping leaves us exposed to many threats, we can survive without sleep for a long while and many famous people, among which Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill were able to sleep very little…

Finally, someone had compiled all important knowledge about sleep in one chunky, well-written book… That “someone” is a Berkeley professor and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science  Matthew Walker, and his book bears a title “Why we Sleep?”.

It explains very well the mechanisms of sleep, its evolutionary basis, and functions in great detail. Mentions studies, anecdotes, tells a lot not only about the sleep of fellow humans but also about fellow mammals.

So in short – how important sleep actually is? Well… probably more than we think. It sorts out information gathered in our heads throughout the day, but also generates ou body, helping to avoid troubles with health… Plenty o troubles may await those to sleep too little according to scientists. Less sleep means less resistance to diseases, being more prone to dementia and Alzheimer’s when being old, and less efficient cardio… It affects much more – if You`ll check out Walker’s book, You can find out about all those concerns…

Nice thing is that apart of explaining, the book also gives some good tips on how to improve our sleep routine.

It does not cost too much – 5 GBP for a paperback on Amazon, You can also get it for free as an audiobook if You`ll register on audible – so if You haven`t so – might be a good idea.

Overall – a well-recommended book!

Ps. I love coincidences. When finishing Matthew Walkers book MacArt has just signed a contract with GrainNook – producer of healthy, natural pillows. Great thing, just in time, when I was thinking how else to improve my sleep routine:-) I`ve checked some of their products – they made very good impression on me. I hope that helping Grainnook will allow us to make the nights of many people way better!

More info soon.

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